Special Deals

Special deals
KVM 8GB LE (Poland)

6 CPU Core(s) (fair share)


80GB NVMe disk space

1 x IPv4 + /64 IPv6

10TB Bandwidth

Free Backups and Restore

OVZ 250GB LE (Singapore)

1 CPU Core(s) (fair share)


250GB HDD disk

1 x IPv4 + /80 IPv6

750GB Bandwidth

Shared Hosting - 2GB Lifetime plan (Miami)

2GB NVMe Disk space

Unlimited Domains

200% CPU, 2GB RAM, 120MB/s IO

Unlimited Bandwidth

Cloudlinux + LiteSpeed

DC location: Miami, Florida, USA

Out of Stock
NAT Bundle
5 x 256MB NAT VPS Bundle


5 x 256MB NAT-VPS [Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dronten & Zurich ]


Setup in 24 hours

Out of Stock

3 x 256MB APAC NAT VPS Bundle


3 x 256MB NAT-VPS [Tokyo, Singapore & Mumbai]


Setup in 24 hours

Out of Stock